23. juni 2009

Summercamp at Gomde Denmark is getting close

Dear friends and participants,

The summercamp at Gomde Denmark is getting really close, and we are delighted to offer you a truly great summer with wonderful teachings with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and his lamas.

This e-mail is a request to those of you who plan to attend the SummerCamp but are in habit of registering on arrival.

The Chief Cook is about to order kitchen provisions and would appreciate knowing how many people will enjoy her tasty meals.

So to lighten the work on the Gomde end, please register online as soon as you can on this web address:


Since the earlier email, two extra programs have been added.

Section 9: Padmasambhava retreat program. Practice, instructions and feast offering

Section 10: Intensive Ngondro retreat and Sangcho (fire puja)

Looking much forward to seeing you all,

With warmest wishes,
your Gomde hosts.

PS: We do have a credit card terminal, but it has a mind of its own, so to save yourself having to travel to the nearest bank (which is quite far) please EITHER pay by bank transfer / web bank no less than 3 days before your arrival, OR pay by cash at check-in.