25. december 2008

From Nepal

We are pleased to announce that for the first time Phakchock Rinpoche's November Seminar teachings at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling are available online at DharmaSun. Rinpoche gave profound teachings based on chapters of a song composed by 19th century Terchen Chokgyur Lingpa. In addition Rinpoche answered seemingly countless questions in his usual humoristic energetic style.

You can watch or listen to the recordings online at www.dharmasun.org from Dec24 - January14. Separate registration for the seminar is required. In case you already registered for Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's November Seminar, separate registration is not required.

With best wishes,


et fredfyldt, lykkeligt nyt år

Kære Erik og Tara !

Tak for en dejlig søndag praksis og tid med Jer på Gomde !

I ønskes en rigtig god retreat - alle - og et fredfyldt, lykkeligt nyt år !
Tak for kontakten i 2008.

Kærlige hilsner fra Helene, John og Mette.

love, happiness, success, delicious food and drinks

Christmas and happy new year
May love, happiness, success, delicious food and drinks, moments of delight, tender friendships, inspiration, befall on you, your friends and everyone.

May this "Tiny" angel, clear away problems, suffering, unwanted events, worries, sadness and....................snow.

Xmas and New Year Greeting to Gomde

Namaste, Our respectful greetings to you, Erik, and all at Gomde DK.

We are very happy for all your Dharma activities, which shine such a bright light of dedicated Dharma practice in the West.

A special bow on behalf of your amazing translations.

Please give our warm greetings to Ani Deki Chodron-- from Cécile and David. May the special blessings of Tara heal and bring light to all beings.

With love and best wishes for happiness for all.

David Shenpen Yeshe

PS. The enclosed cards are images I made with a computer program I've developed, called Harmonic Vision, which analyzes the harmonics of a chanting voice and transforms it into form and color. Sometimes I chant Mantra, sometimes Harmonic Chant, sometimes Names or Words. The first card image looks so much like a crown. I couldn't help thinking of the Enthronement of Yansi Tulku Urgyen Rinpoché. The second one, very solar, was inspire by the winter solstice on dec. 21.

David Hykes
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17. december 2008

transport to Gomde

Dear friends who are coming to Gomde around Xmas to see Ani Dekyi or participate in the Tara Retreat.

We have a webpage for requesting or offering transport to and from Gomde and it is here:

transport info

Just write your info and make a prayer.

You can also write in the comments right below here.

And Merry Xmas.


16. december 2008

Om svasti,
Oceanlike divinities of long life Triple Roots,
Bless the blissful Chokgyur Lingpa, here in human form,
So Unchanging Blissful Vajra’s triple secrets remain firm,
And all his activities may spread throughout the world.

6. december 2008

Chókyi Nyima Rinpoche, transcript from cnr fall seminar 08

In short what it comes down to is the collapse of present grasping ”this present grasping”. That’s how we separate conceptual mind from primordial awareness:

The intrinsic nature is aware. That is the awareness. This is RIGPA… and within that, there is no dualistic grasping.

Mind, consciousness, "cognition" -- these are all conceptual states, these are all grasping of the mind, these are all subtle forms of attachments.

The distinction between Buddha’s and sentient beings comes down to whether or not there is this awareness of the true intrinsic nature.

As long there is no such awareness, one is a sentient being. The moment there is recognition of the primordial state, the moment we come face to face with the intrinsic nature and for as long as we are able to let that recognition continue, for that long we are Buddhas.

4. december 2008

Husk vores Dzambhala weekend og marked

Klik på billedet for at se det større

Læs mere her:

Dear friends,

Four your happiness and prosperity in the new year, here is the Dzambhala Chant by Padmasambhava.

It can be included after the mantra in the
Concise Daily Practice.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche gave a reading of it at Gomde Denmark this summer.

For those of you in Denmark, we remind you of the Dzambhala Market this coming weekend.

Warm wishes Erik and Tara at Gomde Denmark

1. december 2008

Supporter kok til Tara Retreat fra d 26 - 29 december

Der er Tara Retreat på Gomde fra d. 26 december til d. 8 januar. Der er frivillige kokke for de fleste dage. Der er stadig brug for en supporter kok i fire dage fra d 26 - 29 december, enten alle fire eller et par dage. Fortjenesten er selvfølgelig uendelig. Vi er 21 deltagere.
Skriv til Tara på programs@gomde.dk

--thanks, already two friends -- Ole and Lisbeth -- have volunteered.