21. februar 2012

Triple Excellence retreat at Gomde Denmark

In the instructions known as The Triple Excellence, Tara, the female Buddha of wisdom in action, reveals a complete path of perfect awakening. These teachings describe the entire Buddhist path in gradual practical instructions. With its rich and vibrant interface, The Triple Excellence is perfectly accessible and profound for both beginners and seasoned practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism.
The great treasure master of Tibet, Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, received these profound and pithy instructions from Tara herself and they are transmitted in a precious lineage of accomplished masters. In clear steps Tara's instructions cover all three vehicles of Buddhism (The Triple Excellence) from the Vajrayana perspective.
This spring, Lama Tenzin Sangpo will lead a unique retreat seminar involving practices from all Three Excellences, which will be held at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde in Denmark.

The retreat will unfold over nine days. Beginning with fundamental mind training described in the First Excellence, we will proceed to the Bodhisattva path of the Great Vehicle. We will train in recognizing the presence and power of loving-kindness and compassion and we will receive instruction on how to let these qualities flourish further. 

After having trained in opening our heart with loving kindness and compassion, we will cultivate the vision of the equality of self and other and begin the practice of exchanging ourselves with others. Through this we will arrive at the aspiring aspect of the altruistic mind of awakening (bodhicitta), and from there learn how to train in the first five paramita, - the actions of a bodhisattva.

Having worked with central practices belonging to the First and Second Excellences, we will, as an inspiration for the Third Excellence, learn how to perform the outer sadhana of Green Tara.
This retreat is open to all who are interested in the instructions on Tara’s Triple Excellence – you are most welcome to join us here regardless of whether you are already participating in the online program offered through www.dharmasun.org, or not.
The practice seminar begins on Friday, March the 30th in the evening. Registration will be open from 3 pm. Dinner is at 6 pm and after dinner, the first teaching will take place.
Prices for room and board:
400,- DKK / 52,- Euro per person per night in a double room or the dormitory (the rooms will be filled first)
600,- DKK / 81,- Euro per person per night in a single room
3 vegetarian meals per day are included. There is no childcare available.
Registration is open at www.gomde.dk
Wishing you auspicious connections!

DharmaSun Team