4. februar 2012

Sunny News from Gomde England

One of our main practical goals at Gomde, Lindholme Hall is to produce energy equivalent to our needs. As many of you will be aware from his many teachings, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche is highly supportive of the efforts of all his students to positively contribute to the environment and reduce, as much as possible, any negative impact.

Gomde has significant and increasing running costs. Amongst its biggest current expenses are heat and electricity. Micro Generating Systems (MGS) generate electricity from renewable sources and the electricity produced is either used by the owner/generator themselves or is exported to the national grid.

In 2011 the government operated a grant scheme with guaranteed payments to MGS´s for 25 years for each KW of electricity generated, whether used or exported to the grid. Following thorough research, the estimated savings on electricity bills and government subsidy payments were calculated to be between £3,500- £4000 per year. In the course of the 25 year agreement the benefit to Gomde is calculated as approximately £125,000; combined energy
saving and government subsidy.

With this in mind, and with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche´s kind permission and encouragement, we
contracted to install a 9.2 KW peak, photo- electric array on the south facing roof of the
meditation hall (44 panels in all) with a cost to Gomde of £20,900. It is now installed.