2. maj 2011


Dear Lama Tenzin, Erik, Tara & all retreatants,
I believe someone once said, "there are no small acts of kindness, only great acts" and there is no doubt that your retreat has been a great act. You are an inspiration to us all.
love & life,

We wanted to send to you, Lama Tenzin and all the retreatants endless good wishes for an auspicious retreat. May it benefit the the Dharma, the retreatants, Gomde DK, all Rinpoche's centre's of activity and countless beings.
May Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche and all true teachers live long and healthy lives.
Sarva Mangalam!
many many hugs
from your sisters and brothers at Gomde, Lindholme Hall


Holder i 35 dags retreat igen næste år og er der en eller anden mailingliste jeg kan komme på så jeg kan holde kalenderen fri?

Mvh. Jeppe


I wolud have liked to do this retreat.
Hugs, Pilar.


To the Trinley Ningpo Retreatants,
I would like to express my appreciation for your effort to undertook the 35-days Retreat and I feel a bit sad for not having enough merit to be able to attend the retreat. Guru Rinpoche must feel great to see you fulfilling his wish to practice. His and all the dakinis blessings are certain. The great Chokyur Lingpa is rejoicing and the lineage Gurus up to Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche are happy. I am proud to be a member of our Sangha and you gave it meaning.
I wish you all the best. Thank you for practicing to remove the suffering of all sentient beings. Everybody in the universe has benefited and is greatful to you. You pushed samsara a bit further to the end and helped us on the way to enlightenment. Please do not underestimate the merit you gained. I am sure that you are all further up in the waiting list to Sangdogpalri.
Please be all hugged.
The force is with us!
Thank You!!!

Michael and Helen


Hope that you had a great retreat and that you all attained liberation.

Salute to all the wonderful yogis at Gomde.

See you this summer.

Love from Dorje


Today, yogis at djursland completed the 35 days-retreat. Rejoicing with rainbow skies in my mind. You are lovely yogis!