9. maj 2011

Dear Sangha.

It is Rinpoche's wish that a entrance is made for the temple hall.
We all like a Buddha field design and Michael who is an architect have helped a long.
If you like to donate any kind of amount to make Gomde's temple look like one from the outside, please donate money for the project on the www.gomde.dk, noting "Entrance adornment for the temple"
If you like to help building, please write to Erik, erik@gomde.dk
Here is the latest letter from Helen and Michael:

"So have a look at the above drawing.
I think a carpenter would easily read it. It would be good, if I could communicate with him, how to bring the ornamentation in. It is not difficult. It is basically all pre-manufactured and just in LEGO-Land put together!
As I mentioned before, you have to decide were to put the glass.
I would place it outside of the wood to protect it.
The Shurig is 25/25 by 120 cm
The main beam 30/30 and 560 and 410cm
Do it all in wood. It is the most beautiful and the easiest!
Maybe I have to come to help you: retreat and work.
Keep it going.