17. november 2009

Possibility of Khenpo visits from Nepal

Dear Dharma Friends,

On behalf of Rangjung Yeshe Institute, I send you many greetings in the hope that all your dharma activities are unfolding auspiciously and harmoniously. Here in Nepal we are inspired to learn from Rinpoche of the remarkable growth in the international Sangha and, in particular, the many study groups and retreat centers recently established.

As you may know, earlier this year RYI launched its first on-line learning programme designed to help students from around the world study the dharma with Ka Nying Shedrub Ling’s resident Khenpos and other teachers. An additional benefit of this programme is its potential to help bring the various study centres and monastery closer together.

In order to further this particular goal RYI is delighted to announce a new initiative to sponsor the international travel costs of the monastery’s two main Khenpos - Jampa Donden and Sherab Dorje – and so enable them to teach at affiliated Dharma centers and study groups. Under this scheme the only expenses each center would need to cover would be for local transportation, food, accommodation and donations to the Khenpo plus any translator related costs. Please note that the preferred timing for these visits each year will be from early December to the middle of January.

For this coming winter Khenpo Jampa Donden will travel to centres in Europe while, in 2010, both Jampa Donden and Sherab Dorje will be available to travel to Europe and the Americas respectively.

At this point, I would particularly appreciate learning whether your centre would like to host one of the Khenpos in the year ahead. More immediately, for centers and groups in Europe, please note that Khenpo Jampa Donden will be teaching in Austria from December 28, 2009 until January 6, 2010 but will otherwise be available to teach at other centres between December 11 – 26th and between 7th – 9th January.

Please do let me know by 30th November if you would like to take advantage of Khenpo Jampa’s visit this coming winter.

Look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours in the Dharma,

Greg (Whiteside) / Greg Whiteside

For all at RYI