18. november 2009

Phakchok Rinpoche - Pictures

Pictures from Rinpoche's visit are now available here.

Please help Gomde and our Sangha by sharing your pictures of the event.
Get in touch with Christian or ask Erik to become a contributor to the blog.

Due to an inexperienced photographer without his flash, quite a bit of post-processing was necessary - it did leave the pictures less-than-perfect.
This means your flashy contributions will be more than welcome!

About Facebook
If you want to share the pictures on Facebook, you're more than welcome. But please, do not upload them to Facebook - their terms of service regarding user-created content are horrible.

Instead of uploading the pictures, link to them on Flickr using this URL:

If you want to link to a single picture, open that picture from the thumbnail overview, right click it and select "Copy image location" or "Copy image address" and paste this to your Facebook post.