10. september 2008



Om Mani Padma Hum Mantra of Compassion

Dalai Lama's World Peace Ceremony Goes Vegetarian

AMARAVATI - At Kalachakra for World Peace 2006, presided over by the Dalai Lama, all the food served to the 200,000 people attending the ceremony was vegetarian. His Holiness said "If the human community is based on principles of peace, it will lessen the sufferings caused to millions and billions of animals. Otherwise, out of humanity’s limitless and unjustified greed and desires, they build beef farms, pig farms, and fish farms which never existed before and are not needed."

Dalai Lama Supports Tibetan Vegetarian Movement

INDIA - Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA) has converted over 14,000 Tibetans to vegetarianism.The new vegetarians sign a pledge never to eat meat again. Dalai Lama gave funds to TVA to print 35,000 copies of vegetarian books for free distribution. The group campaigns for vegetarianism inTibetan settlements throughout India, Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim. They are opening vegetarian restaurants in Tibetan communities.

Dalai Lama Wants Tibetan Monasteries to Go Vegetarian

SAN FRANCISCO - Dalai Lama has asked monks and nuns to become vegetarian. Many monastics wish

to become vegetarian. In response, Arjia Rinpoche and Geshe Ngawang Dakpa are raising funds to buy

tofu machines. Their Tofu Project aims to buy tofu making machines for every Tibetan monastery in India and Nepal.

Karmapa Asks Followers to Go Vegetarian

BODHGAYA - At the Kagyu Monlam prayer ceremony 2006, His Holiness Karmapa said that he is a

vegetarian. He asked all his followers to become vegetarian, or at least eat less meat. Many people

there took vows not to eat meat. His centers and monasteries have stopped buying, cooking or serving


Vegetarian Teachings Published

USA - 'Compassionate Action', the Buddhist vegetarian teachings of renowned Nyingma yogi, Chatral

Rinpoche has just been published in English. In Asia, he is considered to be one of the most highly

realized Dzogchen lamas.

Another Kind Buddhist Becomes a Vegetarian

WHERE YOU ARE NOW - Allow the teachings on kindness and compassion to affect you deeply.

Reflect on the suffering of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Move from kind thoughts to

kind actions. Resolve to eat less animal products, or none at all.

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