14. juni 2011

The connection between Samadhi and Generosity

This summer at Gomde Denmark, the we have the unique opportunity to receive -- not only Padmasambhava’s wonderful terma treasure on Tara practice – but also the pointing-out instruction to the natural state of mind, the unity of stillness and insight, which is the nature of the mind all awakened ones. This indivisible unity of stillness and insight is known as samadhi. This samadhi is both the path and the fruition. I would like to quote Buddha Shakyamuni from a discourse recorded in the Samadhi Raja Sutra in which he describes the subtle connection between generosity and samadhi. Here word tathagata is a synonym for a buddha.

Once again the Transcendent Perfect Conqueror said to Youthful Moonlight: “Youthful one, this being so, a bodhisattva mahasattva who aspires to this samadhi and who wishes to quickly awaken truly and fully to unexcelled true and complete enlightenment should thoroughly train in this samadhi. Youthful one, how should he thoroughly train in samadhi for that purpose? Youthful one, such a bodhisattva mahasattva should, with a mind full of great compassion, in front of a living tathagata or to all those passed into nirvana, exert himself in making offerings of Dharma robes, alms, bedding, medicine, and other articles; of flowers, incense, scent, garlands, perfume, and fragrant powder; of garments, parasols, banners, and pennants of victory; of music from cymbals and bells; and then thoroughly dedicate the virtue of that to the attainment of samadhi.”

“He should not make offerings to the tathagatas while hoping for anything whatsoever, but should do so intent on the Dharma, without hoping for something desirable, without hoping for any enjoyment, without hoping for the higher realms, and without hoping for some samsaric state. Since, with such hoping, one doesn’t behold the tathagata as being the dharmakaya, how can one possibly behold him as the form-body (rupakaya)?”

“Youthful one, the way to make offerings to the tathagatas is without imagining the tathagatas, without conceiving of oneself, and without hoping for the karmic ripening. If you honor the tathagatas through this offering of threefold purity, you will fully attain this samadhi and awaken truly and fully to unexcelled true and complete enlightenment.”

Erik Pema Kunsang. From King of Samadhi, Rangjung Yeshe Publications.