24. juni 2011

Tara Treasure of Triple Excellence

Dear friends.

During this year's Cloudless SummerCamp, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche bestows the wonderful empowerment Tara Treasury of Triple Excellence.

It is a unique "Dharma treasure" with teachings containing the entire path to enlightenment.

Tara, who embodies the wisdom of all Buddhas, appeared in a vision to Chokgyur Lingpa. Repeating the word, “Excellent!” three times, he received the pith instructions that describe the gradual steps of the path. It is short and inclusive for any practitioner who aspires to awaken to Buddhahood in a single lifetime.

The Tara empowerment and teaching will starts June the 30 - July 2 and the empowerment will be open to everyone. It is a wonderful and rare opportunity to receive these precious teachings from an authentic master and linage holder.

It is Rinpoche's wish that everyone can continue to learn and practice, no matter where they live. So Rinpoche has initiated an online Gradual Practice Program at www.dharmasun.org

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's welcome ceremony and arrival speech at Gomde is on the 29th of June at 18.00.

Gomde Sangha Association will hold the yearly meeting the same day as Rinpoche arrives, from 14 -17.00.
Everyone is welcome. Again this year new members to the board will be elected. Please join this event to be a part of Gomde and all the activities.

Looking forward to see you all to the 18th Cloudless SummerCamp 2011 in Denmark.