10. januar 2011

A truly great course - should we try to make it happen again?

For the last couple of days, a small circle of twelve people participated in a very peculiar and profound event with Erik teaching on the bardo states of living, dying, being in-between, and arising again. The course had a nice practical agenda, not just of minding and preparing one's own way through the incomprehensible fact of dying but also of how to best help others. This struck a lot of deep dharma resonances, and connected many points in practices of meditation, philosophical doctrines, and stories of great teachers. There was an intense retreat feeling even though it was only 2½ days, with the entire outside world dissolving in fog and melting snow, with a beautiful warm group meditating softly together for hours, and of course with the secret magical ingredient of incredible food provided by Tara the kitchen goddess.

All very inspiring and useful even for narrowminded spirits like myself, who have trouble imagining anything individual, and particularly myself, possibly being solid enough to traverse the intermediary formless state and emerging in one piece on the other side. The entire practice makes perfect sense anyway.

Several people have aksed if I think Erik could be persuaded to give a similar course in Copenhagen. It seems he is not closed to the idea. If you help me push softly to bring this about, I'm pretty sure you won't regret it!

Niels Viggo