31. august 2008

Insubstantial flags

Insubstantial flags
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The Cloudless Summercamp of this year is history, and the lamas have left Gomde, but the blessings of the land remain. And the fortunate ones can look forward to Phakchok Rinpoches visit soon.

Unable to wait until next summer, "min kæreste" Ingrid and I left Stockholm this Tuesday afternoon, to go by train to Varberg, where we stayed overnight, and the continued with boat to Grenå, and after three buses finally were at the dirt road leading up to Gomde.

It was raining, but clearing up, and on the way we found that this year's harvest of fruit will be plentyful. Already now, a few varieties of apples and pears were ripe and delicious. Those of you who have the opportunity, make sure you come here later in autumn to pick a lot of apples - there are huge amounts of them.

As we arrived, only Ulrik was here, and later we were joined by Elah and Ami.

Weather cleared up and the hole weekend was warm and sunny, and there were beautiful sunrises just after six o'clock in the morning.

Erik and Tara arrived, and for Saturday brunch and practice Bo, Mette, Annelise, and Bodil (?) joined, to make a total of eleven. And another two persons who I didn't get the names of came to practice, bu skipped lunch.

Now, only a just more than an hour remains of our stay, and we're on our ay back home via Ebeltoft, København, Malmø and finally Stockholm.

We've had a great time, with lots of relaxation, long walks, too many apples, plums, blackberries, time at the beach, nice reading and a practice session thrown in here or there.