21. juli 2010

Concert on a magical summer evening

Dear friends,

I post some sounds and pictures from the last evening, the "feast banquet", of this year's summercamp at Gomde Denmark. A small band of my closest friends, the Surrender Cowboys, seized the opportunity of giving a small improvised concert in the garden, for the 50-60-70 people there. The happening was attended and transformed by various truly extraordinary beings, as you can see and hear. For instance, notice how Sascha is secretly streaming around the tree towards the microphone which she will safely reach about 58 minutes into the soundfile.

Later - at about 65 minutes - Rinpoche takes over for a couple of minutes, with songs from another world.

The entire soundtrack is here: surrendercowboys.com/um/sc.MP3

Thanks v much to Naima Wieltschnig for the pictures.

Cordially, Niels Viggo