6. januar 2010

Khandro Rinpoche

Transforming Poison into Nectar
Three days retreat with Khandro Rinpoche

We are happy to invite you to an auspicious Dharma event with a profound Buddhist wisdom teacher Khandro Rinpoche.
She belongs to a unique lineage of female masters and yoginis who have inspired one generation after the other.
Since it is first time that Khandro Rinpoche comes to Gomde Denmark, we sincerely welcome everyone to be here and receive Rinpoche and offer a warm welcome.

Khandro Rinpoche arrives Thursday April the 15th around 6 pm.
She leaves Gomde Monday morning April the 19th.

The retreat starts Friday at 10 am and ends Sunday evening at 6 pm.


All prices include participating in the retreat over Friday, Saturday and Sunday and also include 3 organic vegetarian meals a day.

Suggested donation for teaching to Rinpoche 750kr

Single or bed in a double room 1200kr

Dormitory 750kr

Camping/private lodging 750kr

Questions: programs@gomde.dk

16. april 2010 kl. 10:00
18. april 2010 kl. 18:00