10. april 2009

Brev fra Nepal - letter from Nepal

Hi sweeties,

Just wanted to let you know that today (full moon) we (the international Sangha who was sitting in the Ngagso drubchen) made a huge offering in the name of all Rangjung Yeshe Gomde centers and international sangha and activities. It was fabulous. We thought that doing offerings together shows our harmony and friendship and good wishes. We did the big rice bowl mandala offering, we sponsored the “elaborate food offering” for the whole day, we gave big butterlamps to the Rinpoches, we gave katas, and money to all Rinpoches and monks. We made many good wishes for the Rinpoche’s long and healthy lives, the spreading of their activities, harmony of the sangha, etc. etc etc. (it was a long, beautiful speech J). Anyway, we of course thought of you, too J.


Tina and the intl. Sangha over here