11. januar 2009

Tara retreat at Gomde DK

Thank you for a lovely Tara retreat;

- To Rinpoche for sending Lama Dekyi Chodron, and to Dekyi for being what you are; an exceptional guide.

To Tara we like to say with much appreciation and gratefulness; thank you so much for all your work, which you offer for Rinpoche and Gomde, with so much skillfulness and kindness.

Thanks to Erik for being here and for all your kind help.

To Ditte, who is cooking with love.

During Retreat we had the praises of the 21 Taras translated into English in verses, which made it possible for us to chant – directly giving meaning together with the praises, unfolding all the passion and devotion to our guru indivisible from the noble Tara.

Excellent, excellent, excellent


Bo and Mette