25. december 2008

Xmas and New Year Greeting to Gomde

Namaste, Our respectful greetings to you, Erik, and all at Gomde DK.

We are very happy for all your Dharma activities, which shine such a bright light of dedicated Dharma practice in the West.

A special bow on behalf of your amazing translations.

Please give our warm greetings to Ani Deki Chodron-- from Cécile and David. May the special blessings of Tara heal and bring light to all beings.

With love and best wishes for happiness for all.

David Shenpen Yeshe

PS. The enclosed cards are images I made with a computer program I've developed, called Harmonic Vision, which analyzes the harmonics of a chanting voice and transforms it into form and color. Sometimes I chant Mantra, sometimes Harmonic Chant, sometimes Names or Words. The first card image looks so much like a crown. I couldn't help thinking of the Enthronement of Yansi Tulku Urgyen Rinpoché. The second one, very solar, was inspire by the winter solstice on dec. 21.

David Hykes
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